Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Climate Change Claims Another Victim

Well, specifically, attempts to stop climate change. So, in case you've lost track of the score, that means more people have now been killed by ecofreaks than by actual climate change.

I guess these things happen when you let these things fall under the control of uncaring Big Businesses who put profits before people.

Cllr Wiltshire said: 'We are sympathetic to the concerns of our leaseholders but the council does spell out the detail of the financial obligations imposed upon a lessee in the terms of each right-to-buy lease.'
Huh? Did they really include a paragraph warning that owners might find themselves stung by huge bills to pay for the ridiculous obsessions of pampered, metropolitan neurotics?

But who runs a council that could harass a 91 year old deaf/blind women surviving on pension credits? Why, yes, it is one of Call Me Dave's Nu Caring Tory councils. Who'd have thunk it?

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