Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: Open Borders

But Don't Call It Amnesty: At least they're not from anywhere dangerous!

And Don't Call This One Either: Open borders? What 'open borders'?

He's Stealing The Cash The British Just Won't Steal: That five year term will teach him!

They Must Be The Highly-Skilled Immigrants Liberals Are Always On About: Or perhaps not.

Definition Of Open Borders:
When even this guy can't be deported.

This Is How It's Meant To Work: And in one of the libs' favourite countries too!

It's Just Like Starship Troopers: Volunteer for the Mohammed Siddiq Khan's Memorial Madrassa, qualify for citizenship. What could go wrong?

Cultural Enrichment: What? You thought it was just exotic restaurants?

Three Million: Any chance the cost of this will be included in those calculations of the economic benefits of immigration? Any chance? At all?

Just In Case The International Health Service Didn't Cost Enough Already: More economic benefits.

Non-Kool Aid Drinkers: Don't they know 'cultural identity' is a myth? Isn't the whole point of citizenship that it qualifies for privileges not available to non-citizens?

Of Course, There May Be Other Reasons Why The Army Is Suspicious Of PC: It's the 'Umanrights', innit?

The Kids Are Alright! Well, they talk more sense than the average politician.

Outsourcing Welfare: Not the processing, the claiming!

Not That They'll Do Anything About It: Who'd have thunk it?

Liberals Missing The Point Again: I don't think it's the 'inappropriate content' that's the problem.

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