Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: The Tories

aka The Not-The-Conservative Party

I'm Just Shocked! Cameron admits he may not be able to fulfil his promise. Bernie Madoff says 'wish I'd thought of that'.

Oh Yes He Did: Four years from now he'll be denying everything.

The Common Touch: Who ever thought we'd all be nostalgic for the quiet dignity of Cherie Blair?

Now This Is Electability: But don't anyone question the morality of this guy's lifestyle.

Why Not Slim Down The Government First? Hey, anyone remember when the Tories thought there should be limits to government intervention?

Tory MP Shocked By Discovery Law Says What It Says: Who was hiding this from them?

Supporting Of The Troops: Cameron channels the Guardian, the Tories suck it up.

I'm Glad He's Keeping His Family Out Of It: Well, except for... Say does that mean we can mention this?

But How Much Will He Charge For PMQs? On the other hand, he has only got £30 million in the bank already.

'A History Of Mental health Problems': Remember, just because Cameron has exercised more control over candidate selection than any Tory leader in history doesn't mean we can judge him when this happens.

Another A-List Triumph: At least they're thrown out all those embarrassing proles!

Also Not Embarrassing: Hmmm... the greatest politician evah! sure does spend a lot of time in elephant traps.

Who Says He's A Little Fascistic? Irresponsible journalism = reporting on The Dave

Tory MP Enraged, Misses Point: It's not how much, it's how the Hell we ended up paying for his lunch anyway.

Biggest Financial Crisis In History And Still Getting Nowhere? Time to hire more flacks!

Even When He's Right, He's Wrong: It's not the fat, it's the smugness.

He's Not Mercenary, Just 'Post-Ideological': Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Hey, You Know Who's Just Like Sarah Palin? 'I am' says whiny A-list pretendey conservative bimbo (Mrs Palin is reported to be consulting her lawyers).

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