Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: Indocducation Edition

Who Says Wacademics Are Out Of It? At least they're not demanding we give them out free (yet). Besides, they just need to get down wi' da kids.

The Cluttered Timetable: No time to teach actual subjects, plenty of time for the important stuff. Plus, having members of the whiniest profession in the universe give the kids tips on happiness. After all, the one thing you can be sure of is that these folks know a quality subject when they see one.

This Is Why It's Called Indocducation: This is OK, but schools have to be morally neutral on the whole 'child rape' thing.

An Education System That Looks Like Britain: The numbers aren't as important as the fact no one sees the problem.

She's Not A Kook:
She's a person of moonbattery.

Who'd Have Thunk It? It's a profession, but not the type with actual standards.

Say, Wasn't The 11+ Given The Old Heave Ho' For Being Arbitrary? Nowadays school admissions are determined by a lot more than just a few numbers. I guess this must be the new, more egalitarian system we keep hearing about. Then again, with schools prohibited from discriminating against the mad and the bad, things are bound to get a little loopier.

Key Learning Objective: Livening things up. Still, that's not their worst idea on how to loosen up.

The Inevitable Consequence Of All This: Liberalism + Education = Disaster.

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