Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: Crime & No Punishment Edition

It's A Science I Tells You: I don't think it was a better 'care plan' this guy needed. Still, it won't happen again and if it does, he'll just plead it down to manslaughter. Then again, it's not like being jailed really inconveniences them. At all

The Joke Is You're Paying For It:
Never mind the 'public acceptability test' what about the 'sanity' test? Ditto.

You Can't Say He Doesn't Have A Record Of Violence
: True, not many people get murdered by retired Brigadiers, but that just proves the system works!

Profiling! This is what I keep saying, liberals don't just want to mainstream criminality, they also want to criminalise the mainstream.

At Least You Can Trust Them Not To Lie About It: 'Say, do you have a fear of dogs, or should I set my Alsatian on you?'

Mixed Message: Confront disorder, but not in a confronty way. See, that kind of fine judgement is just why we need to leave policing to highly-skilled professionals. After all, most members of the public don't even have spiffy logos.

Very-Late Term Abortion: How dare you fascists question a woman's right to choose. Dad doesn't get so much flexibility.

The Meaning Of 'Life': Not what you'd think.

Who Says 'Reasonable Force' Is A Joke? Sounds like Mr Singh was just doing the job British courts just won't do. I'm sure Jack Straw will be right on it. After all, it's not like the police have a duty to protect the public.

It's The Gulag Of Our Times! No 18 cert games on their consoles. That'll teach 'em.

: Yes it's appalling, but I bet this guy drank his fair share of kool aid up till then.

Talking Of BMWs: It's not all bad news - the gravy train just derailed.

Of Course, For Some Folks The System Cuts A Little Slack: He must have been working in Not Plain At All Clothes. Ditto, this woman's investigation into football hooliganism.

'Retain Ownership Of The Initial Phase Of Lauren's Transition' And other quotes from Bizzaro World

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