Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And Another Thing...

Like I said last time, the femiloon's claim that the average British male has suddenly become more rape-y is garbage but, in her own, whiny, victimhood obsessed way, 'Cath' has hit on a genuine cultural phenomenon. Yes, negative attitudes to women are becoming more common amongst young men, but what's with this:
It's no good teenagers being told that sexist attitudes are wrong if they then go home and see their dad treating their mum like a skivvy, or sitting around making disparaging remarks about women with the Sun's Page 3 open on his lap and porn playing out on the TV screen.
Huh? I thought the femiloons claimed this is how men behaved all through the Fifties - aka the Worst Decade Evah! - anyway. Surely they're not saying their mothers had it better than them?

Nope, it's not men that have changed, it's women. As JulieM says:
It’s presumably ok if they see Mum trading in ‘boyfriends’ like some trade in cars, or little sis trotting off to school dressed in the finest Ann Summers can supply, I suppose?
Well, yes, that's exactly what the femiloons are saying. Feminism is the belief that women have the God given right to behave like pigs while avoiding the consequences. Consider the central sacrament of the feminist cult: isn't there something just plain goofy about an ideology built around killing off the young?

This is where I part company from Mark Steyn - and yes, I am sure he'd be devastated to hear that - the West's demographic disaster isn't solely down to vacuous, yuppie scum couples preferring to act like kids rather than raise them. There just aren't enough SWPLers out there to take all the blame. Ditto, there was never a Golden Age when young men behaved like responsible adults. Again, it's the women that have changed. It's the success of the feminist doctrine that slutting around is the path to empowerment, and the corollary that marriage and commitment is practically the same as slavery, that have slashed fertility rates in the West. And that's not even the worst of it.

Don't think feminism means women sleep around indiscriminately. On the contrary what happens is that given the choice most women flock to 10-20% of socially dominant 'bad boys'. In effect, what we end up with is what the brilliant blogger Whiskey calls 'soft polygamy', whereby most women prefer to 'time-share' a small pool of alpha males, while Joe Average is shut out. In other words, feminism leads to exactly the social arrangements that have made the Islamic world such a fine example of social progress.

The big difference between the Islamic world and the West is that polygamy here is driven by female choice. In effect, the average guy has been kicked to the kerb by the female of the species. Femiloons like 'Cath' celebrate this as evidence of enlightenment even while bemoaning the perfectly predictable consequences. In effect, 'Cath' and pals want women to 'defect' from the sociological game of prisoner's dilemma but for men to keep 'cooperating'.

Not going to happen. In fact, the wheels are already coming off.
In a sign of the times, "Otaryman," a comic-book series about a less-than-driven salaryman, has become one of this year's surprise hits. In the book, the protagonist passes his days worrying about his colleagues' files spilling onto his desk rather than trying to impress bosses. "He just plods along (in) life, and has very small ambitions," says Makoto Yoshitani, the series's 28-year-old author. "I think people my age find that comforting."
Yowser! And that's in a proverbially productive workforce. Sure, there are a multitude of factors behind it, but Whiskey points out one big one:
But buried between the lines is the nugget that Japanese men, the younger ones at least, no longer believe that wealth and power that is achievable from a Salary Man job will lead to a family. This is the natural outcome, perhaps, of women's increasing power and status in society.
Ditto, this sort of thing makes much more sense once you look at it in context. Why should a guy like that have realistic goals? The economic benefits of working the type of job he could get vs unemployment has been eroded (thanks welfare state!) while the effects on status of becoming another wage slave selling out to The Man are questionable at best (thanks black community leaders!). Becoming a sports star might be unlikely, but if it pays off you can be one of the 10-20%, and if it it doesn't, at least it won't leave you feeling like a chump.

Short summary: feminists have destroyed the social contract on which our society was based and we're now in uncharted waters. Their big problem is that the feminist movement's vision of a society where women shrug off the old restraints only works providing that the beta male Atlas doesn't feel the same way. Whatever happens next, I don't think 'Cath' and her pals are going to like it.

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