Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: World's Favourite Broadcaster Edition

They Might Hate The Troops But They Recognise True Heroism When They See It: I guess someone must have shot the reporter who was going to tell us who paid for this deranged ego-trip.

It's Not All Bad News: There's bad drama too.

Bombers In Need: You can never remind people too often that the BBC helped fund the July 7 bombers.

No Bias Here
: Welcoming St Barry, BBC style.

True Confessions: BBC DG admits to charge of Felony Dhimmitude.

Not That They're In Hock To Kook Groups, Or Anything: This following this is just a coincidence.

The Only Journalistic Organisation In The World That Doesn't Want To Inform The Public: Not when National Security's at stake, anyway.

Megalomania? Us? But remember: no adverts - that would be too commercial.

Ultimate Blowback! The BBC falling foul of PC.

The Happy Ending: Despite everything, they're still losing.

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