Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Mean It Wasn't The Jews After All?

Guess the recession can't be too bad: the BBC is spending shed-loads of cash to deal with a fictional threat. Hey, everyone knows the whole 'terrorism' thing was invented by the CIA so Big Oil can invade the Amazon rainforest and steal their fish.

Well, either that, or it's the perfectly legitimate expression of genuine grievance by Muslims appalled by events in Gaza/Iraq/Afghanistan/Thailand/Russia/India/Chile/the asteroid belt. Why would peace-loving people like that attack a TV station? It's not like they just want to kill Infidels, right?

The whole thing is an exercise in humbug:
A BBC spokeswoman said today: 'This has always been part of the plan for the redevelopment. I cannot say more than that - we never discuss security matters unless we can make political capital out of it in which case national security can go to Hell.'
Actually, I think that last bit was kind of implied more than said, but if the BBC can report on people would say, then that's good enough for me too.
The scheme has emerged as the BBC continues with an £800million revamp of the Broadcasting House site, complete with a new nine-storey glass and stone extension.
What happened to a BBC that looks like Britain? We're in a depression and these guys are spending money like a footy player with a day to live. If they need black lesbians on the staff to report properly on black lesbian issues, how can report properly on an imploding economy when they're living the dream?

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