Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sudden Rise In Cases Of Plague, Cannibalism, Zombie Attacks And Bad TV

Uh oh - the femiloons are on the war path over this.

Not really!

Actually, it's this.

No, that's not right either. Amazingly enough, it turns out to be British women that are really huge victims. Personally, my favourite bit was this:
Last year, 3,500 pupils were suspended for sexual misconduct, 260 of whom were still at primary school. Their behaviour ranged from sexist name-calling, graffiti and verbal harassment, to inappropriate touching, sexual assault and rape.
Say, it's a good job a bloke didn't try to bracket together 'name-calling' and 'rape' - ol' Cathy might have self-immolated. If there really is an epidemic of violence against women, why do the femiloon feel the need to bulk up the figures by lumping in naughty words?

For a bunch of folks who keep yammering about 'zero tolerance' it's noticeable that the femiloons fold like a row of tents every time their crusade brings them near a potential conflict with the rest of the left. All of which is by way of saying that you will never get a femiloon speculating on just why the attitudes found in the first two links above are becoming more prevalent in Britain. Instead, we get artfully spun phrases like this:
The rise in gang culture obviously plays some part in this... when young people themselves were asked where all this was coming from, popular culture, song lyrics, the media and the internet came top of their list.

Now, I'm not going to try to argue causation, or to call for rap music and MySpace to be banned, but...
Say, who's in these gangs anyway?

Clearly, what we're dealing with here is Molesters Of No Appearance. Meanwhile, femiloons are anxious to blame it all on a bogus pathology in the wider culture, but not actual, specific cultures that really do approve of sexual violence.

The bottom line is that, as ever, the femiloons are only interested in sexual violence in so far as it be can spun into a broad-brush indictment of British society in general. They're so obsessed with claiming sexual violence is endemic in Britain - a kind of original sin - that they'll not only inflate the number of victims, they'll even go so far as to whitewash truly pathological cultures.

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