Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Guy Who Doesn't Understand Islam

Like I keep saying, when the MSM wants to know what ecoloons believe, they interview an econut, when they want to know about animal rights kooks, they interview one of them, but when it comes to Muslims? No, then they interview some liberal, atheist wacademic.

Then again, you kind of see why they have to do this: when ever an actual Muslim breaks through the MSM's wall of noise it's never pretty.

See, this is the thing. For all the left likes to rant about 'right-wing extremism' and a 'culture of bigotry', it always turns out to be the left that appoints lunatics to important positions:
As a former chairman of the influential Muslim Safety Forum and the current head of its counter-terrorism work-team, he works with the Home Office, senior police officers and the Security Services trying to combat extremism.
Liberal dhimmitude: now officially beyond parody.

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