Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Spoils System of Child Care

Hey, if conservatives are the evil ones, how come it's always liberals behind stories like this?

Like I keep saying, these people are telling us who they are. None of their usual excuses apply here. Social workers aren't being required to make a judgement call or act quickly on inadequate information. They've just sat down in a nice, climate-controlled room and decided to destroy a family to make some absurd political point.

Hmmmm... if the mid-forties are too old for a woman to raise a young child, I guess there's nothing down for Leo Blair. On the other hand, the grandmother in this case does have diabetes, which means that if the kids are ever trapped by a giant avalanche of icing sugar, she won't be able to eat her way through to them. Mind you, it would be embarrassing if liberals themselves had spent years inventing bogus concepts like 'ageism and 'ableism' to try and pathologise people who think a sixty-something epileptic may not be the best choice of recruit for the Bomb Squad.

Ah yes, victimhood poker - is there anywhere it doesn't apply? If only this couple had restricted themselves to fatuous lawsuits against gyms for not hiring them as aerobics instructors, liberals would be making movies about their brave fight against discrimination, but as soon as they got in the way of the Special People, they were under the bus.

Which brings me neatly on to that other group of charmers exposed by this case: pretendey-conservative professional gayers. These people have spent years claiming 'we just wanna be friends!' so how come they aren't all out in the streets chanting 'not in my name'? I guess the 'conservative gays' must be tied up in a meeting with the moderate Muslims?

See, this is the point. There were plenty of reasons to oppose the gay adoption movement, but the key one, the thing that was repellent above all else about these people, was their enormous sense of entitlement. They were arguing about their right to be given kids in care as though young children were some kind of government freebie they were being cruelly deprived of. All this is just the logical extension of that world view.

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