Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Uniformed Branch Of The Labour Party

Look like the Police are still balancing up their geological timescale responses to real crimes with pre-emptive attempts to deal with crimes that might be committed at some time in the future. The latest victim of this 'Minority Report' approach is a lass accused of wearing a shirt that may offend a 70-80 year old woman. Funnily enough, the Filth didn't actually name the potentially offended party but, wouldcha'believe it, the potentially offending shirt just happens to be critical of the Divine Tony.

Mind you, the Filth's justification for going after the girl in question, namely to avoid offended female septuagenarians, does make a kind of sense. The Nearly-Dead can be nasty when riled - after all, the Police are apparently on the trail of a gang of octagenarian terrorists. At least, that would be the obvious explanation for why a geriatric chav was arrested under anti-terrorist legislation at the Labour conference. Personally, I hate these people who claim to be defending democracy by trying to stop their opponents speaking, but terrorism ?

See, that's what's really wrong with what Nu Labour. Right about now, our country is wide open to terrorist attack. There are any number of changes to the legal system that could help defend Britain, but you just know that it's a pound to a penny that any new laws will be used to persecute folks who moon at Nu Lab - usually while a truck bomb rolls past in the other direction. As ever, serious issues are neglected in favour of the vindictive pursuit of political opponents. This is perhaps the defining characteristic of Nu Labour, the crazed desire for ever more powerful means for ever more feeble ends. Even with the world in flames, Liberals can only get interested if they can use it as an excuse to nobble opponents.

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