Sunday, September 11, 2005

Things Can Always Get Worse

I thought it was bad enough putting up with MSM's continuous depiction of the traditional footy fan as a sort of Neadathal without the redeeming features. But now we have this, James Conway attempting to pass off holli scum as misguided idealists. Even in this short article, Jimmyboy almost lets the cat out of the bag a couple of times. For the record: holigans only rarely fought pitched battles with equal sized groups from other 'firms', more usually, it was twenty-five scumbags jumping four blokes who just wanted to see a match. Take away the footy shirts and other paraphenalia and you're left with what it really is: mob violence.

Come to think of it, that's pretty much what's happened, with the intoduction of CCTV and the like to football forcing the nuts to vent their psychotic impulses on a Friday night rather than a Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, the same individuals who claimed that soccer holiganism was the fault of the Football Association are now spending their time whining about binge drinking. This is just the flipside of the femiloon world view, this absurd idea that masculinity is somehow intrinsic to violence so any mainly male environment like a footy match or a pub is permanantly teetering on the edge of mayhem. Funnily enough though, this violence has grown more or less in direct proportion to the feminisation of society. Back in the day, these people were recognised as what they are. It's only with the emergence of the whole Therapy Nation thing that we've had to endure not only violence but also people trying to excuse it. That's the basic humbuggery of the whole thing: these people spend their days trying to excuse the actions of scumbags, then they use these self-same actions as proof that our worldview is warped.

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