Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Right Victim

Mike points out the somewhat difference coverage accorded to the death of Anthony Walker and that of Richard…..somebody. Hey – preaching to the converted. Myself, I just want to know where Boris Johnson is. After all, surely the Witchfinder General of Scouse over-emotionalism wouldn’t let this pass, but no: it’s all quiet on the Southern Front.

That is what was so foul about his working-over of the Hillsborough families. Johnson taking on these people was like the Captain of the First XV beating up the library monitor, but we’re all supposed to hail Bozza’s supreme courage in slagging them off. Yet, when a real celebrity mournathon occurs, suddenly BoJo has got to GoGo.

What a gutless bully that man is.

A vote of thanks too for the many race hustlers who found it within themselves to speak out for Mr Walker. Of course, there was a certain….. flexibility required in this case. After all, Ken Livingstone has always been their favourite (white) politician, a guy who can’t go two days without claiming that them pesky Northerners are stealing London’s money [buy a safe would be my advice]. Yet, when the right sort of Northerner gets killed, suddenly these people are putting in for a bulk order of onions. If Anthony Walker were alive today, he’d be another scrounging Scouser, but it turns out he’s one of these people who really is worth more dead than alive.

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