Sunday, September 18, 2005

Seventies Revival Continues

One of the few coherent arguments Tory modernisers have for ditching the Thatcher legacy is that, hey, it was very useful in dealing with the problems of the early 80s but those battles have been won, so now we can start electing fatuous babblers like Alan Duncan. Really ? Seems to me that the bad ideas from the Seventies haven’t gone away, they’ve just mutated into newer, and even stupider, forms, sort of like a disco revival spearheaded by Simon Cowell.

Take this example of insanity. Racial audits ? Let us consider the basic lunacy of this: people wandering around the country checking the racial composition of various sites. How does that work exactly ? Surely you could make the same argument to stop a move from Ipswich to Bradford ? Uh...perhaps not. But wait: haven’t the sheepophiles elbowed their way up to the PC victimhood trough ? Yes, indeed. Clearly, then, this is a case of Cyrmuphobia.. Maybe the fact that any move anywhere can be challenged on these grounds means that any new government bodies are condemned to existence as a kind of ‘Flying Dutchman’ department, condemned to roam the country forever. It’ll be impossible to set up new departments, and Britain will be saved.

There is an interesting revelation for students of the PC ladder of victimhood though.

Many of the lowest paid staff, who are Muslim women, would be the worst affected because their husbands might not want or be able to move to jobs in south Wales.
So, I guess, for the limited purposes of race hustling, we are allowed to reference the fact that the Religion of Pieces isn’t exactly known for promoting sexual equality. But wait….there’s something else. Doesn’t Ken Livingstone keep banging on about how the red hot commercial genius of London props up the scrounging North ? But here they are claiming that a particular group of Londoners will be thrown into poverty if the public refuses to keep paying over the odds just to keep them in work. Hmmmm……something of a mixed message there.

That’s what really tees me off about this. At least the miners were honest. They thought the taxpayer should keep stumping up so they could produce coal that no one actually wanted, but they didn’t try and claim that if you thought this was a stupid idea, then you must have some deep prejudice against Yorkshire folk.

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