Wednesday, September 21, 2005

But What If It Was A Terrorist Holding The Chicken McNuggets ?

For those few members of the public still convinced that the Treason Party has an actual, coherent ideology, rather than a collection of chattering class prejudices strung together, today should surely give them pause for thought.

The Treason Party has been loudly proclaiming its commitment to liberty, as evidenced by its decision to lie down in the road in front of the new anti-terror legislation. Not to say that – as proof of the stopped-clock hypothesis – the Lib Dems don’t have a point. The legislation aimed at outlawing the glorification of terror seems sufficiently loosely drafted to mean…well, almost anything. Giving this government that kind of wide-ranging power is like giving a teenage boy the keys to a Ferrari and telling him not to do anything stupid.

Needless to say, this is the sort of thing which a certain breed of Libertarians always like to throw in our face as an implied criticism of Conservatives. But what are we to make of the Treason Party’s other great policy announcement today ? While they quail at the thought of legislation restricting the right to talk about the wonders of Jihad, they positively salivate at the thought of clamping down on people talking about tasty burgers.

Huh ?

How does that work ? I’m pretty sure you can make a case that Islam also has serious effects on ‘behaviour and long-term health’. Maybe we need to ‘create a cultural shift’ away from self-explosion ?

Really, is that what the Lib Dems are saying ? That it should be legal to promote mass slaughter of civilians but not cheeseburgers ? Maybe Burqua King were just ahead of the curve ? Leaving aside the basic insanity, can they at least stop yapping about their commitment to liberty when they want to use the full power of the law to crush doughnut adverts ?

There was one moment of clarity though which explains better than Freud could what the Lib Dems are really about:

It's about changing behaviour and the tastes of children, because of advertising and the sort of food children are used to. Often when healthy food is brought into school, children don't like it.

Yes – that’s it. Kids don’t like lentil surprise because of eviiiil corporations brain-washing them. Isn’t that just how these people see everything ? Dark forces manipulate people’s minds to make Liberals look like a bunch of whiny, treasonous maroons. Only they can see this though, the rest of us aren’t enlightened enough, so it stands to reason that they should rule over the rest of us. We just don’t know what’s good for us, except, we’re so STOOPID, we can’t even work that out

That’s the link right there. Liberals are convinced that they should be running the world but they’ve been cruelly robbed of their birthright by big business, George W Bush, the VRWC... Suddenly, it all seems strangely familiar. True, the cast of characters may differ a little, but the script is the same. There’s the same sense of thwarted entitlement to power, the same frustration at the fact that the world is run by people who actually make stuff happen instead of their fellow fanatics. Is it any wonder the Left ended up in bed in with the Islamopaths ?

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