Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Captain E J Smith's School Of Navigation

They say that the worst salesmen make the best product designers. In other words, when it's time to fill in the (no)sales report, these guys are expert at claiming that they could've sold a boat load but, y'know, the whole problem is that the product is the wrong colour, shape, price and so on. Just something to bear in mind when considering the notorious loser's letter produced by the Clarke campaign.

As marketing strategies go, this is a weird one. Tips on electability from folks who didn't get elected ? How does that work ? Thing is though, that - don't be shocked - it turns out that Jabba's campaign has been a little weaselly in its definition of a target seat. Who'd have thunk it ? But if the loveable one is lying through his teeth about something so trivial and so easily disproveable, why exactly would anyone believe him when it comes to something more significant ?

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