Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's A Trap!

Include me out of the outrage that an guy who tried to disrupt a speech at a private venue was thrown out. Needless to say, the MSM have once again shown their laser-like ability to focus on the irrelevant. Here we have a case where the Filth have (mis)used anti-terrorist legislation to harrass a protestor, and the media is complaining that the disruptive human haemorrhoid is really, really old.

Hey, at least we won't have have to put up with these people whining about agesim anymore. I'm sure the stewards would gladly have put out any twenty-something idiots, but unfortunatly only the geriatric version was available. It would be interesting to hear what the critics think should've been done with this low-life. The Left is expert in playing the victim card, but what exactly does it mean ? Here we had an individual disrupting an event held on private property, so he got ejected. And the problem is ? This is why we've been told his age approximatly 64 000 times - the Left would rather you didn't consider the basic absurdity of his claims to victimhood, let alone the essentially thuggish nature of the ideology he was promoting. For the moment though, it's tempting to ask just how old you have to be to win the right to disrupt events with impunity ? Does it come at 65 like a bus pass ? How about 75, like the free TV licence ? Hmmm.....

As sickening as it has been to hear the Left taking out onions over the fact the disruptive imbecile is really old, it's still not as stupid as their second argument. This is the idea that Wolfgang is somehow a martyr to free speech. Huh ? Wasn't that what he was trying to stop Jack Straw doing ? Disrupting a speech to advance the cause of free speech surely comes under the umbrella of 'screwing for viginity'. Lefty activist maroons like Wolfgang are experts in this kind of thing, disrupting events then trying to cast themselves as victims of a brutal crushing of dissent if the organisers don't immediatly roll over and cancel the whole thing. Any Conservatives tempted to encourage them should recall that this is exactly how the Left manage to impose its reign of terror on campus.

Fortuntalty, even some BBC fanboys can apparently distinguish between the right of a private body to set its own rules, and the use of the power of the State to harrass opponents. This case is very worrying but not because - in an 'only Nixon could go to China' way - we've finally an organisation ready to stand up to intimidation by hard-left activists.

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