Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Compulsory Filth

Apparently concerned that, despite their best efforts, there still aren't enough paedophiles on the streets, the Treason Party has now decided to settle for the next best thing and coerce kids into listening to some perv talk dirty to them.

All the usual suspects are there. Yep, even the absurd Holland comparison. Here's how Webb justifies it though: "We all know parents with whom sex education just isn't going to happen". Yep - that's his excuse for another assault on the family: under the current system, parents can teach their kids a worldview Liberals disagree with. But here's a question for the Left: how do pregnancy rates compare between the children of those parents who teach traditional values, and those who teach the Liberal approved Nike philosophy ('just do it!'). Hmmmmmm.....

Holland's famously low rate of pregnancy may reflect their methods of sex education, but more likely it reflects the strength of traditional values. Ditto, if as Webb claims, provision of sex education is 'patchy' in Britain, then it should be easy to demonstrate a correlation between pregnancy rates and education. Right ?

For a clue to the real reason why our nation's sliding so inexorably into the sewer, check out this comment from Beverly Malone, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing: 'There's no way to have a public health system unless we are working on the lifestyle choices of young people.' Really, Bev ? How about if there lifestyle choice is to down a litre of vodka and drive the wrong way down the motorway ? Should we restrict ourselves merely to advising them to wear a seatbelt and paying generous disability benefits ? That's as good an analogy as any for our current policy.

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