Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ethnic Minority Report

It's hard to feel sympathy for Nazis, but Kent Police almost manage to induce a certain twinge. Apparently, having been slated for so long about poor response times, Kent Police have decided to start responding to crimes that might be reported at some point in the future.

I'm a real Conservative, so naturally I hate the whole idea of 'hate speech' laws and the like. It's an absolutely disgusting imposition on the public liberty that speech can be criminalised for no better reason than that the professionally offended have taken against a particular line of argument. Yet, even under our current loopy laws the Police don't have a case. All they had to do was wait until the paper hit the streets then take a copy down to the Labour Party offices (aka Police HQ) and find someone to claim they had been offended. But no - even that isn't enough for these people. They claim the right to seize some literature on the grounds that it might potentially offend some folks at some point in the future.

If nothing else, can the Left at least shut up about the alleged 'Red Scare' in post-war America ? The House Un-American Activities Committee may have done many things, but at least they never claimed the right to carefully check each film pre-release for any signs of incipent Marxism. But where's the Lefty outrage now ? Where's dear old Shami ? After developing repetitive strain injury taking out onions for oppressed members of Al-Quaida, Nazis would be a move up the evolutionary scale for her. But no - it's all garbage.

These people are emphatically not defending human rights. 'Rights' implies fundemental, inalienable entitlements. What these people really want is human privledges, to be given or withheld as required by the Liberal agenda. Some people's papers get seized on the off-chance they contain naughty words, while others claim Jews and Freemasons are controlling the country and get to be government advisers. To hear these people speak, every piece of legislation comes with the words 'it depends....' writen on the bottom. If nothing else, we should at least ditch the absurd phrase 'civil liberties campaigners' - if history proves one thing, it's that if the people behind these campaigns were able to impose their preferred system, liberty would be the very last thing anyone would have.

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