Thursday, September 01, 2005

Princess Leia Had The Right Idea

I loved the first few Nightmare On Elm Street films, but I got kind of hacked off with all the sequels. Every time, Freddie was defeated and sent back to Hell only to reemerge a few years later – it was all a bit too much like Ken Clarke leadership bids. Of course, Freddie could draw on the powers of Hell itself, while Ken Clarke has the support of the MSM, so there are other similarities.

Needless to say, it was a tough decision for the MSM whether to support an obnoxious Metropolitan elitist, but they managed to force themselves. Of course, the Left has always talked up Ken Clarke’s supposed likeability, simply so that when the Conservative Party unaccountabtly rejects him, they can use that to claim that it proves how extreme the Party is.

In fact, that’s the only silver lining here. To paraphrase Nixon on George McGovern, now the London media have a candidate who almost perfectly reflects their views, we’ll see who’s really out of touch with the public.

Clue number one is the fact that all the people paying tribute to Clarke’s loveable nature are part of the Metropolitan elite themselves. We’re supposed to admire his common touch when he speaks with the ordinary, everyday, journalist in the street ?

If Clarke has secret reserves of charm, he’s certainly keeping them well hidden. Then again, this wasn’t a man who was just wrong about the Euro, he was blatantly, blusteringly wrong. Here he is attacking – of all people - Tony Blair for not pushing the Euro enough. Clarke was right and everyone who opposed him was a moron, and we’re not supposed to remember that because the MSM assures us it’s all behind him – the EUrofantasism presumably, not the obnoxious bluster.

This appears to be something of a pattern in Clarke’s career. Ferdinand Mount covers some of the high(low)lights of his career here. What Mr Mount is presumably too nice to remind us about is that Clarke is not just a raging incompetent, but a repulsively arrogant one too. Take his comment during his tenure at Health that ambulance crews were just ‘professional drivers’. This isn’t normal political hyperbole; this is a man either stunningly ignorant or utterly mendacious. Either answer is hardly a good qualification for him to be trusted with the fate of the Conservative Party.

Putting up with the blustering buffoon is supposed to be the Conservative Party’s Faustian pact, in return for electability. Huh ? Scott makes the obvious point that the Conservative Party is never going to win elections thanks to the support of the Hampstead set. What the Party needs to do is to energise some of the people who don’t think it’s worth voting, and win back those working class voters who used to turn out for a woman who never got a soft-focus profile in the Guardian. Indeed, the first evidence is in, and it turns out that Clarke’s core support is amongst people who don’t actually like Conservatives – they probably recognise a kindred soul.

The other absurd excuse for the Clarke candidacy is that old one about voters being turned off by the extreme policies on issues such as immigration, crime and the like which the Conservative Party took into the last election. If you can’t remember what these were, just look at current government policy. Tony Blair has many flaws, but he is a master of reading the public mood. No, it wasn’t that the Conservatives went too far in some areas, it was the other areas where they didn’t go anywhere. Conservative MPs talking about public services sounded like Labour MPs talking about punishing criminals: they had the uncertain quality of people who know the public expect them to say something, but they have no idea what.

What the Conservatives really need to do is summed up in one of the comments to this post. Carl reports thus:

When my daughter was in year 1 (thats 5 and 6 year olds for the uninitiated) in my capacity as a volunteer/in-training Teaching Assistant I personally witnessed one little scrote who when disciplined would retreat to the corner of the classroom and yell repeatedly about how much he hated 'this fucking class'. Class was, by the way, being taught by the Deputy Head, whose domineering and authoritrian manner with the staff did not extend to the kids, it seemed.

Or the little charmer who used to scissor kids legs out from under them when they ran past whenever he was bored and liked to write 'Fuck Off' on his hands whenever the teacher wasnt looking and show his friends. He was great fun.

The moonbats have been in control of our kids education for a long time, aided and abetted by parents who think that the best way for their children to be educated is for them to be allowed to run riot, hit, swear and bully to their hearts content just like they are at home. The most unpopular teacher at said school (amongst staff and parents) is also the only one who imposes a proper measure of discipline on her pupils by actually expecting dangerously fascist ideas like actual WORK out of them. Funny that...

Does anyone think this is an isolated case ? Unless, and until, the Conservative Party shows a willingness to grips with this kind of insanity, the public is quite justified in leaving them to their death spiral.

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