Monday, September 19, 2005

Second Thoughts

OK, I'll take back what I said yesterday: an English Parliament is a great idea. Anything which distances us from toxic deadbeats like this is a wonderful idea. I doubt they even see the basic contradicition in tabling a motion claiming that something is irrelevant. Why bother then ? Nope - throw a bucket of water over an SNP member at 4 AM and they'll jerk awake denouncing the English.

Meanwhile, the police force that covers smackhead-infested Colwyn Bay, amongst other hell holes, managed to spend a shed load of English money investigating comments made by an English women in England - they don't really get this devolution thing, do they ?

Then again, I'm having second thoughts about my second thoughts. Try not to be shocked but it turns out that Kenny-boy - he of the 'Northerners stealing our money' meme - has secretly cut a deal for the taxpayer to give him £1 billion to cover an shortfall for the Olympics that they've managed to run up even before the first brick has been laid. It makes you feel warmer about North Wales Police.

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