Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Creating The Right Psychological Environment

Thinking back to that last post, a big part of why Liberals have managed to do as much damage as they have is the way in which they've managed to control the cultural metacontext. Underlying every modern political argument are a series of unexamined assumptions, almost all of which favour the Left. It’s assumed that it’s perfectly reasonable for Islamopaths to demand the right to censor ice cream cartons. It’s assumed that Burqua King should appease these loonies. It’s assumed that only crazed, right-wing extremists could possibly object to all this. Und so weiter...

The folks at Biased BBC do a fine job in detailing the various factual absurdities in BBC coverage, but there’s a wider issue here, away from the BBC’s purely (supposedly) factual programs. Much of the BBC’s output, even – perhaps especially – the non-political programs, reinforces that Liberal metacontext. Take this superb post by newish blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad in which he catches the BBC’s flagship drama blatantly pushing the Liberal agenda. This bias may not be as overt as in, say, the average report from Orla Goron, but it is far more insidious for being wrapped up as straight drama.

In fact, we have an example of that right this very night. Here’s the BBC’s idea of good TV:

Tue 20 Sep, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins
A powerful and moving film looking at the continuing battle for justice in the aftermath of the October 1999 Ladbroke Grove rail disaster.

Paging Mr Johnson! Mr Boris Johnson, please go to reception.

Sorry, where was I ? Ah yes:

Thirty one people were killed and numerous more families were torn apart by the crash when two trains collided on the same piece of track. Were these lives lost for the sake of profit? This dramatised reconstruction of real events reveals some shocking truths and poses questions that the rail industry, government and big business will find awkward to swallow.

Yada, yada, yada.

Y’know, with the way the BBC spits out the phrase ‘big business’, you’d think they were a vegan woman’s collective in Wales, rather than one of the world’s biggest media corporations.

Anyway, you just know this is going to be wall-to-wall drivel about the evils of the profit motive – just as assuredly as you know the BBC will never make a drama about a case like this. Or for that matter this. That’s just this week, but I'm betting there will never be a drama that's a ‘testament to the strength and determination’ of an individual trying to find out why Liberals keep sending people out to commit murder. ‘Profits before people’ is OK, ‘Liberalism before lives’ ? What are you, some kind of right-wing nut ?

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