Sunday, September 25, 2005

Murder Chic

David at ATW points out this post from Mike. I agree with every word. The only thing I would add is the sheer humbuggery of the Left's enthusiasm for giving these scumbags anonymity. We know that animal rights fanatics like to target shareholders of companies they hate - but names of shareholders are still public domain. We know ecofreaks target sites of GM crop trials - still public domain. You can probably add plenty more cases where people doing perfectly legal things are forced to publish information which allows fanatics to target them. But murderors are given anonymity ? But, of course!

Right now, these killers could have moved into a house next to a playground. They could be babysitting for the next door neighbour. They could be involved with a single mother with young kids. No one would know. The local communites haven't been warned. If Vodaphone wanted to put up a mast, they'd have to apply for planning permission, but the Government will drop a scumbag onto a housing estate filled with young kids and demand that the public not be informed. And if this secrecy allows them to kill again, will anyone be accountable ? What do you think ?

This is the essential psychosis of the modern Left. Their nihlism causes them to embrace literally anyone who opposes the mores of civilised society. I guess that once you've spent time carrying water for Saddam and Osama, some guy who only did the one murder is practically a saint.

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