Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just Call Them What They Are

Let's spin the wheel of grievance and see what the Islamopaths are whining about today: ah yes, the fact there are as many mosques in Cornwall as churches in the whole of Saudi Arabia. Of course, they could do what Saudi Christians have to do and worship at home - although the absence of religious police to break down the door and drag them off to prison means it won't be exactly the same.

At this point, you're probably thinking what I'm thinking: do these people take lessons in whinging & squealing ? Funnily enough: yes. What no amount of training can change however is the basic contradiction in their complaints. When it suits them, they demand special treatment, like being able to build a gigantic mosque - oops, make that 'community centre' in one of Britain's most beautiful counties for the benefit of the 'up to 200' Islamopaths in that county. At other times, they demand that religion be off limits as a subject for discussion. We're supposed to act as though it's every bit as likely that the next suicide bombing in the country will be carried out by a Buddhist monk as by an Islamopath.

This is the thing to remember when dealing with Islam. I know some folks are flirting with ideas like banning the burqua and the like. Personally, I follow Abe Lincoln’s lead. Abe it was who said that the thing that kills a skunk is the publicity it attracts to itself. The Islamopaths will bang on all they want about Islam supposedly guaranteeing women’s rights, but then you have the burqua. So it is for all of Islam. Truly, this ideology is the very epitome of the line ‘to state it clearly is to refute it’.

That’s why the Islamopaths spend so long hammering even our most dhimmi media. Despite the best efforts of Liberal journalists, any even halfway factual account of Islam risks letting the cat out of the bag. It would be a mistake to use the force of law to deal with Islam. On the contrary, we simply need to fight those laws which allow the Islamopaths and their dhimmi fellow travelers to suppress debate.

Whazzat ? I hear a whining in the corner. Dod someone mention the ‘vast majority of law abiding Muslims’. You mean people who support the principle of murder, slavery, rape and conquest in the name of Islam, but don’t personally do it themselves ? Good for them! Hey, I’m sure there are plenty of people who joined the KKK just for the social life. So ? Guess what: it’s still fair to describe them as KKK members, it’s still fair to say what the KKK stand for and it’s still fair to treat them as people who support the ideals of the KKK.

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