Sunday, September 25, 2005

How The BBC Works

Interesting anecdote involving the late, great Nigel Hawthorne passed on in the comments at B-BBC. OK, so the news that he thought of Peter Mandelson as a latter day Oscar Wilde is pretty disturbing, but consider what it says about the BBC. First, there's the insane addiction to identity politics, with the BBCoids deciding, hey, Wilde was a Tinky-Winky, so was Mr H, so he's perfectly qualified. But, more than that, there's the crude attempt at tilting the interview. They were interviewing one of Britain's top actors, but his role was merely to act as a prop for the BBC to push their own agenda. Think about that: they were interviewing a man, but they didn't actually want to hear his views. Isn't that just like the BBC ? The only news organisation that doesn't actually want to report the news.

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