Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Liberals Heart Learco

Looks like the left are pulling out all the stops for their new pin up boy, Learco Chindamo. Six months ago we not only had the left lyingly claiming that EU citizens couldn't be deported (oops) but as a back up, they also conjured up an absurd legal doctrine that claimed we couldn't deport criminals from anywhere if doing so would impact on their personal life.

Now it turns out that even that wasn't enough for the left. Looks like this scumbag will also benefit from another of the legal doctrines that passed unnoticed until 1997. Not only will this murderous savage get a free house (probably not what William Beveridge meant), but also, in the latest example of the left's ongoing battle with personal accountability, he'll be given a new identity.

That's where liberalism is at today. Nothing short of one of these murderous sociopaths being caught actually standing over the body of his next victim will convince liberals that murderers might be prone to violence, but the public at large ? To liberals they're a group of slavering savages, ever ready to form a lynch mob. Never mind that the number of cases of murderers being killed by mobs of respectable businessmen is approximately zero, liberals claim it's only a matter of time.

Well, either that, or it's just another step in the nationalisation of morality. Liberals believe the state should be the sole judge of good and evil but - wouldcha'believe it ? - members of the public keep insisting on looking down on sadistic maniacs.

Needless to say, the left's position that killers set free by the parole board should be treated exactly the same as a law-abiding, non-insane citizen, is a legal and moral absurdity. Previous generations understand that shaming, shunning and the like had their own part to play in upholding the law. Criminals didn't just face the loss of liberty, they faced being ostracised by society, which had its own deterrent effect.

Only with the rise of the Nu Left have we been faced with the absurd idea that a felon who has 'paid his debt to society' (i.e. served a nominal period of imprisonment) not only deserves to be released, but also deserves to be treated exactly the same as non-criminally inclined citizens. Unless they're Jeffrey Archer.

Apparently, in the secular religion of liberalism, the criminal justice system plays the role of the confessional, with its own unique take on confidentiality and absolution.

But not only does this murderous low-life get a free house and a new ID, he also gets state of the art security and (potentially) security guards - unfortunately, to keep him safe, rather than keep him inside. The funny thing is that the only person in this case who's definitely, provably, been the target of actual hate is Frances Lawrence, widow of the victim.

Leftists have taken time out from complaining about people being rude about a murderous savage to instead attack an elderly widow. More to the point, it looks like some folks are going for the direct approach. Hmmmm..... maybe she could do with some help with security ?

Here's Clue Number Two about modern liberals: liberals would rather waste taxpayers money to protect a scumbag from a pretendey threat than an actual, worthwhile citizen from a real one. I guess we're not allowed to ask why members of the criminal community would feel so strongly about helping out a model citizen like Chindamo. Ditto, let's not speculate about the likely response of lefty commentators if a storm of right-wing criticism of an innocent citizen exercising her democratic rights was followed up shortly after by actual, violent intimidation, other than to say that leftists would be be producing reams of portentous drivel about the right 'creating atmospheres', using 'code words' and the like.

But all of the above isn't even the most obnoxious part of it all. Say what you like about leftists, but they do a bang-up job excusing homicidal insanity, from 'agrarian reformer' Mao Tse-Tung to 'Saudi militant' Osama Bin Laden, the left can excuse almost anything. Yet, still, years after the fact liberals still haven't dreamed up any kind of bogus mitigation for Chindamo. His crimes are literally inexcusable even for folks who've dedicated their lives to obscuring evil.

Nope, liberals aren't defending Chindamo because they think he's the next Che, or even the next Tookie Williams. Liberals are defending a homicidal savage simply because he is a homicidal savage. That's all you need to make it as a liberal pin-up these days.

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