Sunday, January 13, 2008

Outrage D'Jour

Like FR I'm pleased that at least the BBC are reporting this case, even if they are still hiding behind the wimpy euphemism 'Asian'. Baby steps:
Three Asian men who were convicted of attacking a group of friends and trying to kill one of them have each been given an 18-year jail sentence....

The court heard that as many as 30 men attacked the group of five white people, shouting racial abuse.
So it was a racist attack then ?

Well, not quite:
The three men convicted of attacking him were all found guilty of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

But there was no evidence that any of the three shouted racial abuse or used a weapon.
Yep, they were part of an 'Asian' mob that screamed racial epithets while beating their white victims, but they can't be convicted for a racist attack because there's no evidence that they personally were motivated by racial animus, rather than some other, unknown factor, that drove them to try to kill a white guy at the self-same time a mob of other Asians were, coincidentally, also trying to kill him, while screaming racist abuse. See, it makes perfect sense!

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