Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Irony' Doesn't Quite Cover It

Who'd have thunk it ? A member of the Kinnock family turns out to have scored a cushy government job. Nothing says 'socialism' like government being run as a family business. But that's not the best of it. Turns out the scion of Britain's most notorious family of Eurosnivellers is working for the British Council.

How exactly does that work then ? Mum & dad made their pile claiming Britain was a Third World hell hole that would be lucky to survive long enough to negotiate an orderly surrender to the EU, now Junior is coining it in promoting Britain abroad. Huh ? Is he lying now, or where his parents lying all those times they claimed Britain sucked ?

It gets better. Consider that Britain's filthiest family is back in the news after some minor thuggery by the Kremlin. Hmmmmm..... that rings a bell. Yes, I remember now: it was the USR...SUSR....RUSS... something like that.

Back in the day, when the Kremlin flexed it's muscles the death toll was measured in the millions. Meanwhile, Neil & Glenys were two of the most prominent public figures claiming that the USSR was being unfairly demonised by the right, and besides, we had to be realistic and come to some kind of compromise with the Soviets...

Hey, is anyone else seeing a pattern here ? Not that there's any conclusion to be drawn from the Kinnock's seamless transition from covering for the USSR to spinning for the EU. Britain is terrible, that's all you need to know (unless there's any more jobs going at the British Council).

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