Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Spirit Of The Dave Party

On the subject of the Nu Conservatives' problem with actual conservatism, consider a couple of posts from Tory A-lister Iain Dale.

The Reverend Dale sniffily dismisses as 'desperate' an advert which makes the purely factual point that there were real world consequences to Governor Mick Huckabee's habit of releasing just about any felon who could name eight out of ten commandments. For an example of 'non-desperate politics, we can turn to his very next post which features a supposed joke which revolves around the proposition that Tony Blair is like a Mafia Don because he is 'is indirectly implicated in the deaths of many people to promote his interests although he is never present at the killings'.

Ah yes.

Take that promoters of girly hysteria! Apparently, pointing out the consequences of accepting dubious evidence of rehabilitation is beyond the pale, but adopting wholesale the rhetoric of the loony left peace freaks and comparing political opponents to the Mafia ? Why, sir, it's the very epitome of constructive politics.

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