Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dhimmis D'Jour: Sniper Barbie Edition

Victimhood poker strikes again:
To be honest, Woman's Hour is a bit of a 'no-go' area for me. I've always been a Ken Bruce man myself.

But a third of its listeners are men, one of whom, Mail reader Barry Gower from the Isle of Dogs, suggested I catch up with an item the programme broadcast about the suitability of women for police firearms duty.

The officer in charge explained that there were no barriers to women being deployed in specialist weapons units - bar one.

"Young black males and Muslim males don't react well to being told what to do by a woman," she said. "So we adapt and overcome and use a male officer."
In other words, when an experienced Inspector suggests that someone with Paris Hilton's build might not be the best choice for a job requiring huge upper body strength, he's being a sexist pig, but Paris better not be taking down any crack dens or terrorist safe houses in the near future. You wouldn't want to offend these people, they might turn violent.

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