Monday, January 07, 2008

BBC Mass Debation

They've just been discussing the splendid Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali's comments on the Jeremy Vine Show, which is to say they've been discussing them BBC style, which is like a normal discussion, but with only one side represented.

In this case, the debate was between well-known lunatic Yasmin Alibi-Brown and the snivellingly dhimmi Bishop of Burnley. In other words, the topic was whether or not Bishop Nazir-Ali's comments were appallingly appalling, or merely appalling. How best to sum it up ? Well, how about pointing out that at the end the Yazzmonster told Bishop Dhimmi 'You're a good guy. I like what you said. Well done'.

As if that wasn't enough, next up came the listener's comments. Normally, these are simple one or two-liners, but this time we first of all had a near essay read out from one Muslim, then a phone call from the Chair of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. What luck he just happened to be listening when this topic came up!

Nope - five minutes later, Vine admitted that 'We called him' - his was 'a voice that needed to be heard' apparently - presumably as opposed to the two studio guests taking exactly the same line.

So, to summarise, what we had was a BBC debate featuring three separate contributors, all of took the liberal position. Not that they're biased or anything.

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