Friday, January 04, 2008

Islamofascist Terrorists: Now Even Worse

Who'd have thunk that even murderous savages could go lower ? But they've managed it.

Personally, I loved this bit:
Uddin, who got his law qualifications in Bangladesh....
If only law really was a job the British 'just won't do'. Besides, importing thousands of lawyers might just be the only way to get the courts interested in actually upholding our immigration laws.

Then there's this:
We found Uddin working among a group of unsuspecting and honest lawyers at the Syed Shaheen firm in London's East End.
But wait... using their own loopy precedents, as developed when dealing with the Filth and the like, the mere existance of one nut must mean the rest of them are guilty as well. The honest lawyers (ahem!) should have challenged their colleague, right ? Clearly, there is a culture of corruption here. Compulsory retraining for everyone!

Joking apart, it's not as if there wasn't the odd hint:
He then bragged about his status: "I am a member of Lincoln's Inn, training for the bar. I want to be a barrister to help my people. I will be representing only Muslim brothers in court."...

He then closed his eyes and began loudly chanting verses from the Koran in a trance-like state—to the bemusement of other diners.
Dang! How were his coworkers to know he was up to something ? Like Fido said, I'm not seeing a lot of future for a white lawyer who adopted a 'Christians only' policy.

And there's plenty more. All of which leads to one conclusion: border security is seriously screwed. To return to a theme I raised before: if immigration control has broken down to such an extent that even a self-described terrorist, even a pretendey one, can get permenant residence, in what sense do we not have a de facto open borders policy ?

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