Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The EU's Strangelove Moment

Hearing about the latest tantrum from the Euronuts reminded me of this line from Dr Strangelove:
Gentlemen, gentlemen! You can't fight in here this is the War Room
Or, as Euroloon Richard Corbett puts it:
[Eurosceptics] hit on two tactics. The first was to demand a full roll call votes (instead of a show of hands) on every paragraph and every amendment before the house. (Imagine that the House of Commons had a division on every paragraph of a bill). This slows down voting and costs £300 per vote (but they don't really care about taxpayers money).
Yep, parliament works much more efficiently once you get rid of the actual voting. Forget the wider issues (sliced & diced by Trixy as they are), is that or is that not, just the perfect insight into the hive mind of the EU ?

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