Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And Another Thing...

In so far as the Nu Tories' official narrative insist that Helen Grant is the victim of anti-black racism, it's interesting to note that - like Livingstone's hustler-in-chief, Lee Jasper - she's not actually black. Both have white mothers who, incidentally, raised them alone after dad bailed.

It'd be interesting to see what Freud would make of Grant's determination to identify with the parent who abandoned her, rather than the woman who raised her, but for now, let's consider what it means politically that she chooses to pass herself off as black, even while waving the bloody shirt of supposed racism. Instinct tells me that Germany in 1938 wasn't overrun with Wehrmacht officers saying things like 'hey, did I mention dad was a Rabbi ?'

Race hustlers like Grant and Jasper can whine all they want about the supposed horrors of being a brother in the United KKKingdom, but check out what they actually do, and see just how bad it is.

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