Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not A Myth

Well, looks like the story about our PC PCs targeting a blogger wasn't actually an enormous right-wing hoax after all. Doubtless, all those folks who were about to support Lionheart, but they thought the threat was overblown, will be pitching in anytime now, right ?

Presumably thinking that they hadn't rammed home their thuggish nature quite explicitly enough, Bedfordshire Police give us a splendid insight into the mind of the modern police officer. Try this:
A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We are aware of this particular internet site and we are taking action."
Do you think someone should tell them that we have actual courts to 'take action' ? But no: liberals claim to be disgusted by the idea that airport security should pay more attention to the guy dressed as Bin Laden than an 88 year old widow, but when we're talking about crimes against PC, all that civil liberties garbage is under the bus before you can say 'Liberty'.

Then again, liberal activists-in-uniform do have to bluster about 'taking action' themselves. When they do finally have to present an actual, coherent, case in court, it doesn't usually end well for them. Come to think of it, with a bit of luck, Lionheart could be in line for a windfall.

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