Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Battle Of Ideas

Another quote from the US with resonance over here:
Fred [Thompson], I think, had a lot of enthusiasm because he didn't just say the right thing, he gave the right reason for believing the right thing (and the right subsidiary reason for believing the right reason). His conservatism, to many, was deeper. He didn't just have the conservative answer, but the underlying conservative assumptions supporting that answer.
Exactly. Even when the Cameroonatics take an actual conservative position, they do it with all the style and grace of the father of the bride dancing at a wedding.

The tiny minority who manage to espouse conservative positions without looking like they're chowing down on horse manure soufflé still don't convince, unable as they are to articulate why the conservative position on, say, crime is the right one.

Even if you believe, in the teeth of all the evidence, that the Cameroonatics few right-wing policies are anything more than a feint to the right, they'll still have to fight vested interests to implement these policies. In so far as these people are incapable of making the case for the right, it hardly speaks well for either their ability or their desire to push through these policies.

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