Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That's What We Said

I get the feeling Steve thinks this quote from the Great Norman sticks it to the right:
When I look at what we denounce as the appalling conduct of 'ordinary people' I see the way the rich have always behaved. It's just that they have had the resources to deal with the fallout.
Well, quite. But that's hardly a new, or contradictory impulse on the right. The libertarian side of the shop have always regarded personal conduct as irrelevant, providing you're not drawing down on their resources. Meanwhile, social conservatives have not only been aware of this phenomenon, some of them talk of little else.

For all that the left likes to yammer about 'hypocrisy' back in the old days, that's surely less socially destructive than what we have nowadays: celebutards revelling in their dysfunctional lunacy. It's precisely because these people can have seven kids by eight fathers or get hooked on crack, with no apparent consequences, that this sort of thing is so damaging.

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