Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tory MP Bows Before The Majesty Of Satan

The Cameroonatics are amazing: how can they be so consistently appalling, yet always in a different way ? DB points out this abomination.

Needless to say, the excuse for all this is that US politics is tilted so far right that the Democrats are, relatively speaking, right-wing. In so far as this argument is moronic, it does raise one question: is Burns merely retarded, or is he a sleazy fraud ?

But wait.... he's a Tory MP, so I guess we'll put him down for 'Both of the above'. Nevertheless, leaving aside the core mix of moronicity and third-degree humbuggery, there's also a creamy topping of stupid hypocrisy. Try this:
There was a combination of factors at work," says Burns, who helped the Clinton campagin in a variety of ways, including telephone and door-to-door canvassing, taking part in "visibility stunts", attending rallies and helping at polling stations on the day of the vote.
In other words, all the stuff that's beneath Tory MPs back home (and, by the way, who was watching the store while Burns was in league with the devil) ?
[Burns said] The media also failed to pay enough attention to the sheer scale of the organisation of Hillary's campaign in New Hampshire, which had been at work for ten months.
Wasszat ? An effective grass roots infrastructure can help win elections ? Really ?

Hey, if politics doesn't work out, that guys got a great future at NASA! Meanwhile, some of us are wondering why the Tories don't try and build their own grass roots infrastructure....

Oh yeah - that's right! Wannabe aristocrats like Burns look down their pointy noses at the base - after all, folks on the British Right generally have the two things the pampered princes in the Tory Party despise the most: conservative principles and real jobs. The last thing these freaks want is real grass roots conservatism - that would bring the risk of actual accountability.

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