Monday, December 31, 2007

End Of Year Link Dump (Part II)

Even more stuff I forgot to post back when it was still relevant:

Tough On Crime: Apparently, the 'public interest' is one of those phrases that only liberals truly understand.

Usual Suspects Enraged As Government Fails To Cover Up July 7 Evidence: OK, this is pretty stupid, but tell me the Truthers wouldn't have gone ape if this stuff hadn't been released.

Crippled Woman Refuses To Embrace The Victimhood: Pity she's Chinese

Shocka! Legal Immigrants Not Down With The Open Borders Lobby:
It's a privilege not a right!

Cheaper, Better and Private
: On the other hand, I'll bet they can't offer the kind of moral guidance of this next bunch of guys....

Liberal Morality: They made me commit fraud!

The Right Was Right: Oh look... even the left is forced to admit that a 'right-wing myth' is true. Not that you'd know it from this BBC report. Then again, it's also missing something beginning with 'I'...

Further Proof The Jesus Freaks Are Retarded: The Dawk just burst into tears!

Stupid Hippies Still Stupid: Can't we protect the children from liberals ?

Too Perfect Metaphor: Modern Europe In A No-Nuts Shell

Fat Fraud Also Greedy: Saving the Earth one dollar at a time.

Emotionally Overwrought Blogger Will See You In 2008: But probably not too early.

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