Monday, December 17, 2007

Liberal Morality: Standing Up For What's Right As Soon As It's Moot

It's great that the BBC is prepared to expose a former hero of the left as a brutal Stalinist thug, but who was hiding that from the left ? Some of us pointed that out at the time. Meanwhile, the BBC was busy calling us fascists.

It's not as if we have to wait for secret files to be opened - there was the odd one or two clues out there[1]. Nope - let's not have any leftists telling us that this is some kind of bolt from the blue. If leftists really want to convince us that Scargill doesn't speak for them, how about insisting on proper action against those people implicated in destroying documents to hobble the investigation into this murder ?

[1] Also note that the killers got off - the 1980s weren't quite the Golden Age of conservatism that they're often depicted as.

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