Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quote of the Century

I make it nearly a week since the Pink Wedge decided to exercise their fundamental human right to stop anyone listening to music they disapproved of, and the Cameroonie bloggers are still nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Cameroonie Blogger-in-Chief Iain Dale has written a nice article in the Telegraph calling for smaller government. Huh ?

All of which reminds me of a great quote I had pointed out to me by a usually reliable source. Here's Iain Dale on his two favourite topics:
I rarely comment on gay issues. I am in now way a gay rights campaigner.
Well, that's half-true. He'd be far less annoying if he was a gay rights campaigner. Ditto, 'gay Tory' would be fine too, but what really annoys are the constant attempts to position himself as some kind of Guardian of True Conservatism.

The man's a shill. His conservatism turns out to be an endlessly malleable ideology which nevertheless always ends up with him taking exactly the same stance as the gay rights movement. Of course he can reconcile demands for small government with support for raids by the Special Music Division. That's not inconsistency - quite the opposite in fact - it just isn't conservative.

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