Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is That 'Teamwork' Like Mugging Is 'Sharing Resources' ?

Liberals claim to have found a way to turn round failing schools, the only problem is that it requires increased effort from staff at successful schools.

Nope - that isn't a mistake. Liberal's latest variation on bussing is to force staff from successful schools to work in Titanic High. It's great that the left finally acknowledges that the success of a school may, in some small way, be influenced by the skills of the staff, and it's amazing that they'll even concede that some teachers are hopeless, after all, but they still won't follow their logic through to its conclusion.

There is another, more direct, way we could give kids in awful schools the chance to benefit from being taught by teachers in successful schools. To put it another way, how much of a minefield would eating out be if the government suddenly decided that no restaurant could ever go to the wall ? But no, liberals think competition allows us to buy excellent Thai, Indian and Italian food all within the same postcode, but education requires the type of high kwality state planning that gave us the Millennium Dome.

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