Thursday, December 06, 2007

Victimhood Match Result: Gays 1 Blacks 0

Well now, here's a turn up for the book. Of course it is Brighton, so I guess home advantage was a factor.

Fortunately, the Music Police will still allow bars to play jovial ditties about killing cops, raping women and getting filthy rich dealing crack. I'm unsure what the situation is as regards depicting the rape of lesbians, but I'm sure our fabulous friends will be along to tell us soon.

You couldn't have a better example of both the narcissistic and the totalitarian nature of the gay right movement. Free clue: when you're endorsing the same policy as these guys, it's probably time to think again. Mind you, I'm sure all those supposedly conservative gay Tories are even now busily penning articles denouncing this move, right ?

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