Monday, December 31, 2007

End Of Year Link Dump (Part I)

All the things I should have posted on at the time, but didn't:

I Thought Liberals Didn't Believe In Victim-Impact Statements ?: A liberal activist explains how she knows that there's no need to tighten up anti-terror laws because she was on one of the trains on July 7. What's that phrase ? Absolute Moral Absurdity ?

File This Under 'Taking The War Seriously': Iranians studying advanced nuclear physics ? What could possibly go wrong ?

Testing Reveals British Education Is Rubbish, Liberals Solution ? Less Testing

A Victim Group We Can All Aspire To Join

Murderous Communist Savage Seeks Sanctuary In The Obvious Place

And They Didn't Even Need Help From Al Gore:
Yep, the UNtrustworthy ones finally admit they lied about AIDS.

English Language Beaten To Death:
I'm no fan of libertarians myself, but even they deserve better than having every passing authoritarian bone head try and pass themselves off as one of them.

The Hitch Pwns Rasuputin!

Well, Someone's Taking The War Seriously:
Buddhists to complain of Profiling

TV Star Outed Inned (?):
Iain Dale writes angry post denouncing US conservatives

Left Eating Itself Again: Sickeningly PC show not PC enough

World's Greatest Broadcaster Caught Lying Again: Forget hot button political and cultural issues - they can't even report science straight.

'Tired' Blogger Calls Temporary Halt To Link Dumpage: But let's leave on a high - here's Tammy Bruce slapping round the femiloons for their third-degree Islamopandering

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