Thursday, December 27, 2007

Liberals' Other Solution For Education: More Dancing!

Of course, the other problem with central planning in education, aside from insulting the producers from the disciplines of the market, is that it allows schools to be distracted from their central mission by the demands of political posturing. Again, referring to the story linked below, check this out:
The twinning method initially involves the good school bringing in senior teachers to "saturate" the other and impose order.

Behaviour, discipline and uniform are among the first areas to be tackled, alongside lesson planning and homework in what author Robert Hill describes as this saturation phase.
Behaviour, discipline and uniform are key areas ? Who knew ? Oh yeah... that's right: everyone outside the fever swamps of the education establishment. For forty years they've been yammering about individuality, self-expression and all the other excuses for letting schools turn into cess pits, so they can't hardly expect any credit now for belatedly realising that us fascists were right all along.

More to the point, these people are unstoppable. No sooner do they reluctantly let go one idiotic idea than they're off again, exploring whole, new vistas of stupidity. Consider this, for example.

I guess we'll have to wait another twenty years before the libs denounce the feminisation of education.

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