Sunday, December 09, 2007


Totally shocking news, everybody! The BBC is planning to produce a version of the Nativity with Mary and Joseph as asylum seekers. They're so cutting edge - at least they are if you mean in the sense of doing something that's been before by every talentless left-wing hack on the planet.

There's nothing that induces deja vu like the avant garde. That's the bit that really grates actually. It's not just that, yet again, the BBC is using public money to make childishly predictable agitprop, or the contempt for Christians on show - it's both of these things put together.

The BBC isn't producing this blasphemous garbage to make any kind of point. This production has nothing to say about religion or faith or man's place in the world. The heartfelt religious beliefs of a significant chunk of the population are being used merely as a coat hook for the BBC to hang a load of drearily predictable Guardianista trash.

This is liberalism all over. Liberals have nothing worthwhile to say about faith, or patriotism, or morality or a whole bunch of other things because liberalism is a small, mean, runt of an ideology and liberals are perpetual adolescents, unable to offer anything more profound that sneery eye-rolling.

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