Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liberals: Still A Bunch Of Faggots

See, this is what's mystifying me: we're supposed to be living through the Golden Age of liberalism, with just a few isolated like wingnuts like me still refusing to bolt down the kool aid. So how come every time liberals are exposed to public scrutiny they fold like a tent ?

I make it less than 24 hours between the revelation that the BBC was censoring 'Fairytale of New York' and the humiliating climbdown. Even Cameron does better than that.

Our impartial state broadcaster has been exposed as completely out of touch with public opinion. Again. Hey, if the BBC was merely retarded, rather than say, a cesspit full of deranged moonbats, shouldn't they tilt too far to the right every now and again ? Nope, it's always the same mistake again and again.

Also exposed: Peter Tatchell. Really, I could never understand why some folks on the right gave this guy any credit in the first place. His spat with Mugabe was driven by his own desire to push an agenda rather than any more general moral viewpoint. Just as long as Mugabe was merely murdering people, that was fine. It was only when Mugabe came out - as it were - against the gay agenda that Tatchell found a set of morals.

Now we know that the gay rights movement are a bunch of fascistic creeps after all - you know, kind of like some of us always said they were. For the record, it was undeniably brave of Dirk Bogarde to star in 'Victim' at a time when homosexuality was illegal, but at least no one wanted to jail him merely for raising the issue.

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