Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snivelling Liberal Weasel: 'Don't Call Me A Snivelling Liberal Weasel'

Hankies out everybody! Author Philip Pullman is just heartbroken at all those accusations of being anti-Christian. Actually, I think he has a point. He certainly has been unfairly criticised. There's this guy who claims Pullman wants to 'undermine the basis of Christian belief'. Not only that, he's even been accused of writing books about killing God.

This is a fairly fundamental difference between left and right. Folks on the right are enraged by liberals constantly citing things they didn't actually say, but liberals think they should have, while leftists think it's just outrageous that people on the right quote them accurately.

On second thoughts, I guess Pullman's right after all - once these Jesus Freaks start responding to unhinged liberal criticism, why, there's no telling what these nuts will do next.

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