Monday, December 24, 2007

Amnesty Amnesia

FR has the full breakdown on the government's stealth amnesty. Liberals defend all this by claiming that it's the only way the immigration system can cope - you know, sort of like how the Fire Service would be much more efficient if they just let things burn down.

I'd almost let the liberals have this, if only we could have the same system for tax. If you ever got done for tax evasion, you have the right to seventy-four legally aided appeals, before panels made up of hard-core libertarians, plus Ken Dodd would be head of the Customs and Revenue Service. If you ever did finally lose, the panel would let you off anyway, lest you suffer exceptional hardship from having to pay out the tax. Then every two years or so, we'd claim that the tax system was breaking under the strain, so we need to write off all the debts.

Hearing liberals claim that the immigration system is in chaos is like hearing Robert Maxwell claim there's too much bureaucracy involved in running a pension scheme. For that matter, why amnesty ? For the sake of argument, why not go the other way ? Wouldn't deporting everyone also clear the backlog ?

The truth is that we don't even need the government to deport illegals. Over in Arizona they're experiencing the phenomenon of 'self-deportation'. Key passage:
Under the employer sanctions law, businesses found to have knowingly hired illegal workers will be subject to sanctions from probation to a 10-day suspension of their business licenses. A second violation would bring permanent revocation of the license.
No cooperation from the open borders lobbying immigration service required.

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